Darryl Smith

Darryl’s love for techno music started when he moved to Aberdeen around his 18th birthday. SNAFU, one of the most renowned underground clubs in Europe captured his heart. The low roof, thumping sound system and proper music heads in the crowd made it the go to place. When the news came that SNAFU was to close its doors, The Tunnels became Darryl’s new playground for the next few years. After seeing DJs like Daniel Avery, Erol Alkan, Jackmaster, Scuba, Amelie Lens, Secret Cinema, Pan-Pot, Reinier Zonneveld and many more Darryl’s ears were constantly being educated by the biggest names in the industry. When he moved to Madrid this is when he bought his first controller and gave DJ’ing a bash for himself. It became an addiction and it wasn’t long before he bought his first mixer and two CDJS. After many long and frustrating nights attempting to play two tunes together at the same time it was about time Darryl tried his hand at the DJ booth. Darryl is doing everything he can to ensure this promoter stays well and truly on the map!

Darryl was asked what he thought about playing at Tonto

“Tonto Techno is always an unbelievable night. The crowd is proper up for it and it really does bring the best people in to one space, all listening to the music they love. It doesn’t even need to be when a DJ has been booked; some of the most mental nights we’ve had have been residents nights upstairs in the Royal with 150 people”