Dylan Gourlay

Dylan completes the Tonto Techno trio. He has served in the British Army for over 8 years, visiting places like Afghanistan, Kenya and The Falklands whilst continuing to organise Tonto events. Dylan’s love for techno music started regularly going to his favorite club in Edinburgh, Cab Vol. Recently Tonto Techno have taken over Cab Vol for FLY, meaning Dyl had to quickly get used to trading the Cab Vol dancefloor for the decks which was a very special moment for him. Since then Dylan has continued to play in various clubs around Edinburgh and Glasgow and loves to take the crowd on a journey whenever he gets the opportunity. Dyl loves to play hard-hitting techno with Len Faki and Julian Jeweil featuring in his sets, merging vocals with driving base lines, further engaging with the crowd. Dylan won’t be stopping anytime soon and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Tonto Techno!

Dylan was asked what it was like playing at Tonto Techno..

“Playing at tonto is amazing. The passion the crowd bring is unreal there is so much energy on the dance floor. We have played in Edinburgh and Glasgow on many occasions and we continue to fill busloads of people which is a very special feeling for us’