Best mate duo, Owen & Hoggy started their affair with Techno back in 2013. Although they had been attending parties in the Balearics for a few years previous it was one particular party that got them hooked…. nothing previous had compared to the tunes they heard at Richie Hawtin’s Enter and the way Hawtin rocked the crowd all night long was enough to never look back. Their musical education continued over the following years on dance-floors across Edinburgh, Glasgow and of course Ibiza.

The two each have their own individual styles of music but they come together to blend the hard hitting bass Hoggy digs for with the more melodic side that Owen favours and that is why they are our Tonto Residents.

Owen (left) Hoggy (right)

The duo were asked what it was like to play at Tonto..

“Playing for Tonto is class, every night the lads put on creates such a buzz around town it’s great to have our names a part of it! Each night we play is so different as well, whether we’re opening up at the Mash House or closing the Royal the crowd is always up for it and so responsive and that’s exactly what anyone who’s behind the decks wants to see. It’s also amazing to see how much the night has grown over the years, the lads have done so well to get to where they are and it doesn’t look like slowing down. We are just buzzing to be alongside them for the ride”