An Edinburgh based Techno promoter!

Darryl, Dylan and Darryl started Tonto Techno on the back of a birthday party success. Playing in front of 100 people in a local pub in Penicuik quickly transitioned into playing in clubs all over Edinburgh and Glasgow. Two and a half years later Tonto have welcomed renowned, international DJS such as Ron Costa, FRAZIER, Luca De-Santo, Thomas Schumacher, Reinier Zonneveld, RUDOSA and T78.

The early Tonto events started in their local pub in Penicuik called ‘The Royal’. They managed to create an underground vibe in an empty function room, kitting it with solid sound and high quality lighting. The resident nights kept growing and began to sell out quickly. They transitioned from the small town of Penicuik to the bright lights of Edinburgh, having hosted events in La Belle Angele, The Liquid Rooms, Cab Vol, Smash and The Auld Leith Theatre. Glasgow came calling and Tonto took to the road, selling out pre party and after party venues alongside busloads of people from Penicuik who continue to support the night and the boys couldn’t be more thankful.

The Tonto Techno boys have many more events in the pipeline and can’t wait to share! Tonto Techno was started to give people who love the music a space to get together and rave! Tonto Techno – dedicated to keeping the rave culture in Edinburgh alive!

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