Darryl McLaren

Darryl is one of Tonto’s promoters and organisers who is always keen to reach out at top artists to get them along to Tonto Techno for the Edinburgh crowd. Darryl’s love for techno started off when he was 16 years old, introduced to techno at Edinburgh and Glasgow’s clubs leading to attending festivals internationally. With his love and passion growing Darryl found himself purchasing a DJ controller to mess about with, from there onwards it was destiny. He now on the scene at Edinburgh and Glasgow clubs. His style of techno is all about the bass with some acid/vocal sounds. Darryl and his team have some big plans for Tonto and it’s just only the beginning.

Darryl (right)

Darrl’s thought about playing at Tonto

Playing at Tonto Techno is a great buzz, being able to play with your mates in front of so many people you know, there’s not a better feeling. It can be nervous sometimes in case something goes wrong, but it’s always been the opposite, and everything goes to plan. Each time I play at Tonto I feel I improve each time. Having the boys Owen, Hoggy, Matt and Shaun G helping Tonto Techno to get on the map is makes it all worthwhile. It looks bright what the future will bring to Tonto Techno and Edinburgh techno scene. The party doesn’t stop and time soon troops.”